Dressed to Skill

Dressed to Skill
Lauhala hats be pimpin
Image: james Cave

Hats of Weaves

Dressed to Skill / Whether or not your head is cold, the fact is you look hotter in the right hat. It’s a lost art. Bring it back with a beautiful lauhala hat from Na Mea Hawaii. Sure, at $200 or more, it’s an investment, but each is handmade, usually by a lauhala master, and shows the world that you appreciate your culture as much as you enjoy looking good. Na Mea says they try to keep around five hats available at a time, and they’ll set you up with a weaver if they don’t currently have a style or size you need. Hats typically average about a week to ten days to make, so if you want to give your man something to wear and cherish, plan a head.

$200+, Na Mea Hawaii, 1050 Ala Moana Blvd. #1000, Mon.–Sat., 10am–9pm, Sun., 10am–6pm, 596-8885, [nativebookshawaii.com]