Famous plate lunch stop reveals all

Food / Written by Eddie Flores, Jr., pioneer of the nationwide L & L Franchise, $266 Million Winning Lottery Recipes, L & L Hawaiian Barbecue Cookbook is also a joke book, with every recipe accompanied with a hilarious comic. Illustrated by local artist, Jon J. Murakami, each sketch lightheartedly pokes fun at local culture, habits, language and food preferences.

Why the $266 million reference in the title? Apparently a man bought a winning lottery ticket at a California L & L restaurant while purchasing a BBQ chicken plate. The ticket turned out to be the key to one of the largest lottery jackpots in history.

The recipes themselves cover all of the famous, filling, meat-heavy L & L plate lunch favorites, such as chicken katsu, loco moco, pork laulau, oxtail soup, Spam musubi and more– the list literally seems to go on forever, covering more than 60 recipes. Included is L & L’s infamous brown gravy recipe, which surprisingly does not call for any fat.

Flores, Jr. incorporates short cooking tips, specifying particular types of pans and products, such as panko bread crumb brands. There is a “Healthy Plates” chapter, but it only consists of one recipe, the skinless Hawaiian barbecue chicken plate. If you want to go for healthier options, that’s the beauty of a cookbook–you’re in charge.

Empowered cooks can now prepare their own take-out in the comfort of their kitchens, saving money and even adding green salads and fresh vegetables, all while getting a good laugh.

$266 Million Winning Lottery Recipes, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Cookbook,

Eddie Flores, Jr.

Mutual Publishing, 2012

Paperback, 144 pages, $9.95