Dressed to Skill

Dressed to Skill
A rosary by Saint Justine
Image: courtesy Justine Jones

Stud Adornment

Dressed to Skill / Oliver Mens Shop in Kailua is a sartorial dream pit with money magnets at the bottom (not that I needed another hole to throw my money down). Basically, if you get anything for your man from this shop, you’re doing something right, but pay close attention to the jewelry. Local men’s jewelry, for a time, meant puka shells and shark teeth a la Kenny Chesney. But, thanks to Justine Jones and Amanda Watkins, masculine, substantial and classic jewelry is finally surfacing. Watkins’s brand, A.Wattz, features simple sterling silver necklaces and bracelets that fit right into Oliver’s crisp Hamptonsy aesthetic: fish hooks and chunky anchors on rakish chains. Jones’s JbyJ line uses sailor’s rope and anchor clasps to give her bracelets that just-off-the-yacht appearance, while her beaded necklaces–rosaries of sorts–beg to be blown around the neck by trade winds.

A.Wattz, various styles ranging from $40–90; JByJ, various styles ranging from $20–90. Oliver Mens Shop, 49 Kihapai St., Kailua, 261-6587