Dressed to Skill

Dressed to Skill
Image: James Cave

Dressed to Skill / You know Barrio Vintage, the hip stop in Chinatown that you’ve already read about a million times because you read this paper like religion, but look! Hung between old overalls and jogging shorts from the mainland is a selection of some of the best in vintage Hawaiiana. Shop owner Bradley Rhea knows exactly where on his racks to take you to find that ‘70s-era aloha shirt or hand-made Hawaiian shorts. Sometimes an old tag simply says, “Made In Hawaii.”

“I find a lot of amazing Hawaiian stuff in thrift stores on the Mainland,” says Rhea.

“It’s interesting that our demographic tends to be younger 20-somethings. They’re really embracing the aloha patterns now,” he adds. He and co-owner Jonathan Saupe will sometimes tailor the original piece into a slimmer fit to give it a unique BV cut, even redesigning a shirt to cross the gender gap.

Prices vary, 1160 Nuuanu Ave., Tue.–Thu., 11am–6pm, Fri., 11am–7pm, Sat., 11am–5pm, 674-7156, [barriovintage.com]